Pelletizer Spare Parts

GCS offers a complete line of spare parts for your pelletizer program. Items are available for new pelletizer rotors, refurbished pelletizers and off-the-shelf spare parts.

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Bearings & Seals
Eccentrics & Caps
Carbide Bed Knives - All OEM
Carbide Wedge Lock Wedges
Upper Hypalon Feed Rolls
Lower Serrated/Knuraled Feed Rolls

Brass Center Fixture for Bearing Removal

The GCS Brass Center Fixture for Bearing Removal protects the centers on your current pelletizer rotor Shaft. The Brass Center Fixture is designed to be used when removing Bearings or Eccentrics from shaft style pelletizer rotors. The Brass Center Fixture for Bearing Removal is constructed of Brass and will protect your pelletizer rotor from unnecessary damage and additional costs to repair damaged Centers on your Pelletizer rotor shaft.

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Part Number: #GCS-102 | Price: 75.00 per Item