GCS2500 Direct Drive Pulverizing Mill Unit

Machine Model GCS2500
Capacity Units per Hour lbs 1500-2200lbs
Capacity Units per Hour kg 680-1000kg
Mill Motor Size #1-75Hp/56Kw
Mill Motor-Soft Start-VFD Optional
Electrical 117Kw
Footprint 85"W x 90"L
Footprint (Metric) 2.16m x 2.28m
Unit Elevation 230"/5.1m
Number of Mills 2
Disk Work Diameter 19.69/500mm
High Abrasive Disk Hy-Pro¤
Optimized Grind Profile Deuce Cut¤
Classifier (GCS) 6 Screens 37.5 sq/ft
3.5 sq meters
PLC Process Control Yes
Touch Screen Interface Yes
Dual or Single Mill Capacity Yes
Air Flow Management Yes

MODULAR SUPERSTRUCTURE FRAME is constructed of 4” x 6”, 4” x 4” and 3” x 3” tube. Incorporating tap plates and blocks for mounted components with Metric fasteners. Classifier and Cyclone Work Platforms provide access to level related components. The box type design contains machine components for future processing enhancements.

CONTROL PANEL rated NEMA 12 built to NEC specification inclusive of Main Breaker, MCR E-Stop Circuit, Circuit Breakers, and WEG motor controls w/overload protection. Remote location with 6' Standard connections provided.
- Real Time processing data viewed and accessed via a Pro Face 8” Touch Screen. Screen architecture provides fluent component control and data acquisition.
- Process is controlled by a Pro Face PLC ensuring optimum performance by monitoring motor loads and temperatures through entered parameters.
- Vacuum monitoring systems provide meltdown (fusion) detection and protection for mill(s) and system piping.
- Soft Started Mill motor reduces start-up power consumption and classifier motor utilizes an Inverter Drive assuring proper RPM.

MILL HOUSINGS made of cast steel incorporate a patented airflow design allowing independent control for each mill and eliminates material loss. The design is enhanced with Velocity Funnel Inlet Tubes transitioning the material from vertical entry to lateral (horizontal) grinding.

DIRECT DRIVE disc(s) utilize full motor potential while eliminating costs and failures of belt driven mills. WEG Premium Efficiency cast motors with a heavy duty shaft ensures flywheel/disc stability throughout the process demand. Recommended motor spacing promotes adequate cooling.

DISCS are constructed of proprietary Hy-Pro® material that enhances wear resistance and are combined with Deuce Cut® grind profiles achieving optimum unit/kilowatt hour ratios. The Deuce Cut® provides a double size reduction within the disc work area reducing temperature and motor load compared to standard straight cut profiles resulting in 15%-40% greater efficiency.

DISC MOUNTING 360 Degree Inner and Outer Retaining Rings reliably mount and contain each disc to its mating component.

MILL GAPPING is performed through three position fastener sets maintaining a secure gap between the discs without the use of spacing shims. Mill gap gauges can be positioned between the discs from the mill housing perimeter or center.

PROCESS MONITORING SYSTEM strategically positions the thermocouple and vacuum pickup to provide consistent readings throughout airflow adjustments. Each mill is equipped with a Grate Tube to prevent fused clumps and excessive stringers from entering the system piping.

CLASSIFIER is supplied with 6 Trays each with 6.2 sq ft / .57m2 screening area. 37.2 sq ft / 3.4m2 total screening area paralleled with adequate spacing above the screen aide the expansion transition to operating temperatures. An offset cam drive motivates the ball cleaner system in each screen frame. A VFD controlled motor, U-Joint motion control and components balanced to close specifications equate to a low maintenance system with component reliability. The heavy duty support structure secures the light weight Aluminum Tray stack that can be removed as a unit promoting safe thorough cleaning. The Transfer Tray detaches separately to accommodate three exiting positions.

MATERIAL TRANSFER SYSTEM uses a 4000 CFM Blower (Ventilator) to convey the product to a high efficiency Cyclone mounted atop an 8” Airlock (Rotary Valve) for separation. Manageable, smooth wall piping segments in conjunction with sealed clamping help maintain process integrity. The Cyclone/Airlock (Rotary Valve) Stand separate from the main structure for ground level access when cleaning or maintaining. Sensor(s) used to detect product flow deviations.

MATERIAL INFEED SYSTEM begins with a free flowing 10 cu ft hopper that supplies product to the Rodix Linear Inline Feeder topped with a 5” wide stainless steel tray. A 4” sq inlet to the Feeder Tray controls the level of product present in the tray while the Rodix Feeder Control is used to adjust flow manually or automatically through the PLC parameters. A Barrel Magnet placed in the inlet tube helps prevent ferrous materials from entering the process. Low level sensor placed in the hopper detects product presence.

PULVERIZER START-UP: One day, on-site visit is inclusive with machine purchase.
Single day start-up includes:
• Inspection of machine installation
• Check incoming power
• Confirm motor rotations
• Check and record motor amperage
• Check and review safety devices and permissives
• Instruction of Mill Gapping
• Instruction of Operators Screen: start-up and shut down procedures
• Overview of Air Management Systems
Note: Two additional days are recommended for operation and process training.

The GCS 2500 Pulverizing Mill Unit