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5/26/2011 - Global Cutting Systems is now a member of the Association of Rotational Molders International

4/15/2011 - Read the Article about GCS at

10/1/2010 - Global Cutting Systems was formed by King Machine & Tool President William Kapper and serves as the Parent Company Of GCS. GCS was formed to manufacture New Pulverizer Equipment and provide manufacturing and sharpening services for Pulverizer Machinery and Blades. GCS also offers CNC Sharpening and repair services for Strand Pelletizer Rotors and the manufacturing of New Pelletizer Rotors and OEM Spare Parts. GCS now offers the refurbishment of Pelletizer Die Faces and New Pelletizer Die Faces for Pelletizer Dies used in Gala, Beringer, Crown and other OEM Models. GCS can repair Wortex Granulator 3 Flute Rotors with Rotor Tip replacements and CNC sharpening services.

Global Cutting Systems/King Machine is recognized for our two patents for the Disc Mill Assembly for Pulverizering Systems and Pulverizing Air Flow management. GCS currently owns a trademark on the specialty Deuce Cut® tooth configurations on our Pulverizer Proprietary Blades providing increased throughput on a variety of OEM Pulverizer machinery.

Vice President of Manufacturing is Tracy Kapper.

Kelly Kapper is the Director of Accounting.