New Pelletizer Rotors

Global Cutting Systems Strand Pelletizer Rotors are designed using Solid Edge 3-D Model Engineering Software that interfaces with a Gibbs cam 3D program system for optimum CNC manufacturing quality. GCS offers a complete line of rotor styles for all OEM pelletizer manufacturers ranging from 25mm to 1000mm in length.

All rotors are CNC precision ground on 6 axis continuous path grinders that provide exact OEM standard tooth grinding profiles for clean pellet quality.

Strand Pelletizer Helical Pelletizer Rotors

Gibbs Cam 3d Software
CNC Milling
CNC Lathe

OEM Style Pelletizer Rotors:

  • Accrapak-750-900
  • Automatik-ASG-USG-JSG-PRIMO
  • Bay Plastics-A-AX-Z-SB
  • Conair-200-300-3000-3500
  • Reduction Engineering-800
  • Scheer-WSD-SGS-EB
  • Isuzu, Katsumix, Nippon


  • Solid head hellical Stellite/stainless
  • GCS press fit wedge lock
  • Brazed carbide inlay
  • Tool steel shell/shaft bolt-on style
  • Bolt-on style rotor body
  • Pultrusion pelletizer rotors
  • Size: 25mm to 1000mm length; 2" to 20" diameter


  • Stelliteā„¢ 304SS
  • Tool steel D2, M2, CPM powdered metal materials
  • Brazed carbide inlay
  • Carbide wedge lock 17-4 base material
  • Carbide blades

All rotors are available in the following OEM styles:

Automatik USG-ASG Series Rotors
Cumberland Quietizer Rotors
Cumberland Bolt On Series Rotors
Conair 200 Series Stellite
Conair 200 Series PF Wedge Lock Rotors
Conair 3000-3500 Series Wedge Lock Rotors
Conair 300 Series Pelletizer Rotor
Carbide Inlay Pelletizer Rotors
Scheer Pelletizer Rotors
New Stellite Rotors
Pultrusion Pelletizer Rotor
Pelletizer Rotor Secured Shipping Box